Content Management System



  • PHP 7.1 or above
  • PDO php extension
  • Curl php extension
  • Zip php extension
  • Apache 2
  • Linux server
  • MySQL 5.7+ with InnoDB

Step 1

Install with composer

 $ composer create-project arikaim/arikaim {project name}

Make file arikaim/config/config.php writable with chmod command.

 $ chmod 777 arikaim/config/config.php 

Step 2

Open Arikaim CMS install page

http://(your domain)/admin/install

or use console command

 $ php cli install

Step 3

Open Arikaim Control Panel

http://(your domain)/admin

Contorl panel default login details:

User name admin
Password admin

Change Control Panel login details

Use contorl panel settings menu System > Settings > User